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Women in Construction: CUBE 3

CUBE 3 Office | 160 State Street, Boston, MA-

by Nik Middleton

At CUBE 3, we believe in equal opportunity, and we’re proud to have a strong team of women lead various roles within our organization. From providing financial support, to the hands-on design work they lead with our clients, they unquestionably improve our business and our culture — with humor, dedication, and humility.

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As our business has grown and evolved over the years, so has our female workforce. The 35 women on our staff, including Angela Juliano, Danielle Meri, Michele Quinn, and Talia Cannistra, have proven to be visionary leaders across our business, bringing keen insight and a strong voice to our national presence. Collectively their impact continues to influence and inspire the work we do.

Angela Juliano, LEED AP, NCIDQ, IIDA, principal, remarks: “In this industry you always need to be pushing the envelope to stay ahead. Keeping up is just not good enough. If you see a new product that is really innovative . . . figure out a way to use it before it becomes commonplace. It’s a fast-paced environment, and deadlines are plentiful, but you need to find ways to stay engaged and passionate. Also, you need to keep learning in order to continue to grow professionally. Never stop learning. Go see places you have never been before and pull design in from all elements of your life.”

Our senior team continues to lead from the front, and they believe in helping everyone achieve their goals. They mentor and encourage all professional advancements, including becoming a registered architect. Michele Quinn is one of our newest registered architects. She continues to grow and always strives to become a better leader, sharing this knowledge for upcoming designers:

“Architecture school tends to teach us to be competitive. Rather than follow this lead, I recommend finding a support group of fellow classmates or coworkers that you can relate to in your endeavor. At the end of the day, if you all want to be licensed, you all can be; having a support group to ask questions with, get advice from, and be accountable to can prove to be very helpful when studying gets tough. Use this group as a motivator to keep working toward your goals, but remember that everyone is different, has different situations, has different study styles, and different personal and professional commitments. Just because you study together does not mean that you will be successful at the same rate. Take the time that you need and be supportive, ” said Michele Quinn, AIA, senior project manager.

This talented team has been at the helm of some of our favorite ongoing projects, including The Standard at State College, Illini Tower Student Village, The Nightingale, and Upper Falls – Needham Street.

Our mission is to provide the best design experience and value for the unique needs of each of our clients, and our diverse team of architects and interior designers work daily to meet those challenges and exceed our collective expectations with their thoughtful, creative approach.

Nik Middleton



Nik Middleton, RIBA is founding senior partner / CEO at CUBE 3