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IBEW Local 96 & NECA Central MA Introduce Small Works Agreement

Worcester, MA – IBEW Local 96 and the Central Massachusetts Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) have recently introduced a Small Works Agreement that will enhance the union electrical industry in this region to compete more favorably with nonunion electrical contractors on facilities that do not exceed 50,000sf or four stories in height.
Applicable properties and projects include: office buildings, shopping centers, auto dealerships and garages, churches, nursing homes, hotels, retail and wholesale facilities, educational facilities, manufacturing facilities, soar projects (500 panels or less), lighting retrofits, warehouses, gas stations, residential buildings, restaurants, entertainment facilities, hospitals, and medical clinics.
This agreement enables contractors to utilize journeymen electrician wage rates that are the most competitive in the electrical industry. Through this agreement, IBEW Local 96 and NECA Central Massachusetts contractors are able to deliver their highly skilled labor force that implements safety procedures that are the strongest in the industry to projects throughout Worcester and Central Massachusetts at rates that are competitive with nonunion shops.