Dellbrook|JKS Welcomes Sanford

Erik Sanford

Quincy, MA – Dellbrook|JKS announced it welcomed Erik Sanford, CM-Lean, CM-BIM, LEED AP as its first director of MEP/VDC and will utilize Sanford’s technical knowledge to further the firm’s construction capabilities.

“Erik ’s skills in leveraging BIM and VDC technology will be key to managing MEP coordination challenges and constructing future complex projects,” said Mike Fish, CEO of Dellbrook|JKS. “We’re excited to have him joining us and know he will be an exceptional resource to an already talented MEP team; it will be exciting to watch the department grow.”

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Sanford has served in positions such as a VDC/BIM director, VDC manager, and director of virtual construction & chief field engineer.

In his previous role, Sanford oversaw implementation and spurred education of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) technologies and processes.

Representatives of the firm say that with worker shortages, rising material costs, increasingly complicated projects, and more tech-savvy employees entering the workforce, technology supported innovative approaches are more important than ever. The continued use of VDC, BIM, and digital processes to better construction planning, operations, and delivery will aid Dellbrook|JKS in addressing those concerns and aid the firm in staying ahead of the competition.

“The AEC industry has reached a pivotal point where companies that do not embrace innovation and technology will be left behind,” said Sanford. “Dellbrook|JKS recognizes the need to continuously improve, and I look forward to sharing my insight and developing the firm’s understanding of how we maximize our value to the client by utilizing VDC to streamline the MEP process and complete projects efficiently.”