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New England HOFMOB Summit Announced

Focus is on Key Trends Driving Healthcare Construction and Location Decisions

by Megan Headley


The landscape for healthcare facilities is changing rapidly, pushing senior healthcare leaders to become nimbler in their decisions on what and where to build. The New England Hospital, Outpatient Facilities and Medical Office Buildings Summit on April 23 will be the region’s most important forum in 2020 to tackle these issues.

Aaron Mauck

This regional event at the Federal Reserve Plaza in Boston will bring together AEC professionals, health systems and developers of healthcare and medical buildings. Expect thought-provoking dialogue on healthcare delivery changes and methods of coping with the shortage of skilled labor.

Charisse Oland

Headlining the event are Charisse Oland, a former chief executive officer of two health systems, and Aaron Mauck, a senior director with the healthcare research think tank, Advisory Board Co. Mauck was based in Boston until a recent relocation to Washington, D.C. Attendees will receive insight into recent advisory board research – on drivers of today’s healthcare trends and projections – for how to prepare for future disruptions.

Mauck will dive into how hospital boards identify demand, disruption, consolidation, and cost pressures that will affect what and when they build or upgrade healthcare facilities. His keynote address is entitled “Surviving the Next Tsunami of Healthcare Reform.”

However, to really get inside the heads of CEOs and COOs, Oland will bring her unique perspective. The former CEO of two midwest hospitals will lead a session meant to help you understand what healthcare CEOs are thinking and prioritizing, both nationally and regionally.

At another recent summit, Oland pointed out that most health systems are focused on pushing people out of their most expensive site – the hospital – and into outpatient centers as a way to lower costs. “The solution always seems to be to build another building,” Oland commented. Yet from her perspective, spreading out systems and adding to real estate does little to reduce costs. Everyone focuses on short-term goals of keeping the project on time and on budget, but the true goal is keeping care on target.

Among other topics addressed at this freewheeling event:

  • Grappling with Rising Construction Costs, Shrinking Capital Budgets, and Labor Shortage
  • How to Crack the Total Cost of Ownership Versus First Cost Conundrum
  • Latest Construction and Healthcare Real Estate Forecast: How New England Shapes Up vs National Trends
  • Wrapping Your Arms Around Compliance Issues in Outpatient Facilities and MOBs

The April 23 summit is next in a series of regional educational events being conducted throughout the U.S. and is co-hosted by Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute and Association of Medical Facility Professionals (AMFP). Media partners in Boston are High-Profile and McMorrow Reports.

Come expecting some provocative and thought-provoking dialogue, and for some of your historic assumptions to be challenged.

Megan Headley is editor of websites and overall communication for Corporate Realty,
Design & Management Institute and Association of Medical Facility Professionals.