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Natick Family Housing Tops Off

Natick family housing project

Woburn, MA – Tocci Building Corporation, Khalsa Design, and The Army Corps of Engineers announced the topping off of the family housing project built for the U.S. Army Natick Soldier System Center.

This modular design-build project recently had the 124th and final prefabricated module flown in and connected, marking an important milestone in the project.

The development will provide housing for the soldiers at the Natick USACE Army base, and includes the construction of 28 replacement housing units along with site improvements to the Heritage Lane and General Greene Avenue housing areas.

The Heritage Lane housing area includes 20 new townhouses and four duplexes, while the General Greene Avenue housing area has four single family structures. Units contain three to four bedrooms and vary in size from 1,950-2,500sf. The project scope also includes garages, patios, neighborhood amenities and more. The site is bordered by private housing, wetlands and a rail trail, and will be LEED Silver certified.

The work leading to this milestone involved the demolition of 27 existing military housing units, sidewalk and roadway removal, carport demolition, and navigating through the challenges related to Covid-19.

Following module install, the team continues to make progress with the installation of tile flooring and quartz countertops, with drywall finishing ongoing in preparation for paint. Siding installation and overhead garage doors are also being installed. MEPs continue to progress, with box-to-box connections in each unit. Site amenities, including playgrounds and a half basketball court, will soon be underway, along with landscaping, patios, sidewalks, and curbing.

“This milestone celebrates the conclusion of modular installation onsite as well as the crew that put the pieces together. We are proud of our team of trade partners that pushed this project forward all while paying thoughtful attention to Covid-19 and OSHA guidelines, keeping the jobsite moving with health and safety in mind,” said Sid Massaro, superintendent.

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