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MPA’s Designs Win Them CoreNet Global NE Award of Excellence

MPA_Iron Mountain_Lobby_Photo credit Warren Patterson

Iron Mountain lobby / Warren Patterson Photography

Boston – Margulies Perruzzi Architects (MPA) recently announced that the firm’s high-performance workspace designs for Iron Mountain and Zipcar both received a 2014 CoreNet Global New England Award of Excellence for Best New Workplace.

The awards are given to projects that demonstrate innovation in design, use of real estate, functionality, and/or technology and have supported the organization’s mission and contributed to successful positioning in the market.

Iron Mountain Global Headquarters — CoreNet Global New England Award of Excellence, Best New Workplace/Large Renovation

With its move to One Federal Street, which reduced the company’s square footage to 112,000sf, Iron Mountain adopted a high-performance workspace strategy and launched a mobile work program called “Mobile Mountaineering.” Featuring an open, flexible, and efficient floor plan with individual workspaces, 100 fewer offices, and technology-supported conference and collaboration space, the high-performance workspace design of Iron Mountain’s new global headquarters promotes collaboration, sustainability, and global branding. The project recently received LEED Gold certification.

Zipcar Global Headquarters — CoreNet Global New England Award of Excellence, Best New Workplace/Small Renovation

MPA_Zipcar Lobby_Photo credit Warren Patterson

Zipcar lobby / Warren Patterson  Photography


Having outgrown its previous space, Zipcar sought an efficient and organized office environment that would foster a greater sense of community within its new headquarters. After comparing efficiencies of potential locations, Zipcar ultimately decided to occupy all six floors of 35 Thomson Place in Boston’s thriving Innovation District, allowing the company to create an entire “Zipcar Building,” including space for Zipcar vehicles in reserved on-street parking spots in front of the entrance.

The new 46,000sf office employs a high-performance workspace strategy offering an open and productive floor plan for collaborative work, while embracing sustainability for a healthy working environment.


MPA’s design awards point to a broader trend in corporate interior architecture as area companies streamline their real estate needs, incorporate branding to excite the workplace, and promote collaborative and innovative work through the use of technology integration and efficient use of space. MPA’s award-winning high performance workplace projects illustrate facility flexibility, sustainability, and amenities that provide companies with workplace innovation.

“We believe a successful design is one that not only satisfies a company’s space needs, but also creates transformative experiences that change the way work is done,” said Janet Morra, AIA, LEED AP, principal at Margulies Perruzzi Architects. “MPA focuses on understanding the unique needs of every client, and then works through a collaborative process to express the client’s corporate goals, culture, and brand in an innovative workplace design. MPA is honored to receive these awards because they validate the influence of design in creating the workplace of the future.”

CoreNet Global New England’s annual Best New Workplace Awards are given to projects that demonstrate innovation in design, use of real estate, functionality, and/or technology and have supported the organization’s mission and contributed to successful positioning in the market. The annual Awards of Excellence were presented at CoreNet Global New England’s gala celebration on November 6.

When preparing to relocate its global headquarters from 745 Atlantic Avenue to One Federal Street in Boston, Iron Mountain, a worldwide provider of information storage and management solutions, seized the opportunity to completely re-envision its workspace from three perspectives: design, workforce policies and healthy living. Iron Mountain sought a high-performance, sustainable office environment to reflect its culture, support its growing mobile workforce, increase collaborative space and improve efficiency, and support the company’s focus on health and wellness for its employees.

Designed to support the dynamic growth of the company, Zipcar’s high performance workspace includes a new lobby with views directly into the company gathering area and living room; conference and training space; individual and collaborative work areas; and dining areas. To further the Zipcar brand, large and small graphic displays are scattered throughout the space. Several walls are customizable with dry-erase marker or chalkboards. Through their social media channels, Zipcar requested photos of their customers with Zipcars, or places where their Zipcars took them, and framed them on the wall in the main reception area.