Mayor Finch Staff Present Development Projects at January CBC Program

(l-r) David Kooris addresses the Connecticut Building Congress at the January Program

(l-r) David Kooris addresses the Connecticut Building Congress at the January Program.

Bridgeport, CT – Attendees of the Connecticut Building Congress’ January program were treated to a robust discussion of the vision for Bridgeport planning and development under the leadership of Mayor Bill Finch. The mayor’s chief of staff, Adam Wood¸ and David Kooris, director of the office of planning and economic development, city of Bridgeport, provided details on the future development in Connecticut’s most populous city.
The discussion began with a presentation and slide show provided by Adam Wood that provided an overview of the mayor’s vision for future development, with an emphasis on green initiatives. “In all phases of development, the mayor is devoted to the promotion of green technologies as part of an overall emphasis on sustainability.” Mr. Wood went on to discuss the use of the largest fuel cell in the world as part of one of the many projects under way as well the construction of the largest solar installation in New England.

Next up, David Kooris emphasized the need for future development to address the perception that Bridgeport ought not be the first choice when considering moving a business, or a family, to the great city. “It’s time to remove the old, abandoned factory buildings you can see from Rte. 95 that tell the world that ‘this city is failing.’” The city’s plans include much-needed improvements in infrastructure and public transportation.

In fact, he went on, when newcomers arrive in Bridgeport and realize the steep discounts on rents and real estate, the common reaction is, “Why is this gem going unnoticed?” People that have been moving to the city realize what great savings can be achieved, simply because of perceptions in the marketplace. Despite the relatively small size of the city (16.1 square miles), the city also boasts of the most coastline of any city in Connecticut. Bridgeport, says Mr. Kooris, “We cannot afford to underutilize the land resources at the city’s disposal.” He went on to describe a number of initiatives under way that include robust partnerships with the business community, a number of rezoning and mixed-use initiatives, and active participation with the A/E/C community in future development plans. 

The CBC will hold its next program on Tuesday, February 10 at the Cascade in Hamden. Come join us as we discuss emerging trends and where the healthcare industry is heading. With the Affordable Care Act changing regulations, and new consumerism, the panel will discuss the healthcare industry in transition and how it is affecting facility needs in the near- and long-term future