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Hoffman Welcomes New Shareholders

Hamden, CT – Hoffmann Architects, an architecture and engineering firm specializing in the rehabilitation of building exteriors, recently announced the acceptance of a joint ownership opportunity by four members of the firm’s senior staff.

Senior Architect Deborah J. Costantini, AIA; Senior Engineer Robert A. Marsoli, Jr., PE; Information Technology Manager Nicholas JNicholas J. Moroniti; and Communications ManagerAlison B. Hoffmann were recognized for their contributions to Hoffmann Architects with an offer of part ownership in the specialty design and rehabilitation practice, founded 40 years ago by John J. Hoffmann, FAIA, president of the firm.

Costantini, Marsoli, Moroniti, and Hoffmann join the eleven company executives who became shareholders in previous years:  Executive Vice President Russell M. Sanders, AIA; Chief Financial Officer Avi A. Kamrat; Senior Vice President Craig A. Hargrove, AIA, LEED AP; Senior Vice President Richard P. Kadlubowski, AIA; Senior Vice President Arthur L. Sanders, AIA; Vice President Lawrence E. Keenan, AIA, PE; and Vice President Juan Kuriyama, AIA, all of whom were offered ownership in 2011; along with Senior Engineer Steven J. Susca, PE, who became an owner in 2013; and Business Development Director Maureen J. Dobbins; Senior Architect Erin L. Kesegi, AIA; and Senior Architect Benjamin J. Robinson, AIA, who assumed part ownership last year.

As joint owners of Hoffmann Architects, Moroniti, Hoffmann, Marsoli, and Costantini will share responsibility for the firm’s success with the other owners and with John Hoffmann, who will continue as majority shareholder.  The opportunity for joint ownership recognizes the commitment, experience, and accomplishments of long-standing, senior personnel who have made a significant impact on the growth and reputation of Hoffmann Architects.