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Eversource Awarded CQIA Gold Prize

Berlin, CT – Eversource was recognized recently as a 2015 Connecticut Quality Improvement Award (CQIA) Innovation Prize recipient. The company received a Gold Innovation Prize for its PRIME program, which helps Connecticut’s manufacturers combine lean training with energy efficiency enhancements.

Over the last two years, the Process Reengineering for Improved Manufacturing Efficiency (PRIMEP program has soared as customers look to lower energy costs and compete on the global scale.

One example is Eversource’s work with United Steel, a structural steel fabricator located in East Hartford. Through PRIME, United Steel was able to improve its work flow stream by rearranging the physical layout of the facility.

The new layout included energy-efficient equipment and system upgrades, resulting in estimated annual electricity savings of approximately 256,000 kWh.

The new physical layout and the behavioral opportunities identified through PRIME also supported United Steel’s growth, reflected in its hiring of 20 new employees and the construction of an additional energy-efficient work space.

The CQIA Innovation Prize is presented to organizations that have introduced a new product, service, or process within the state of Connecticut in the past five years that is innovative in the marketplace or its industry. It must also have proved to be beneficial to both the organization and its customers.