Dacon Completes Evoqua HQ Redesign

Evoqua Water Technologies' new Tewksbury headquarters

Tewksbury, MA – Dacon Corporation has completed construction on the headquarters for Evoqua Water Technologies.

A specialist in identifying water concerns, Evoqua’s technological solutions aim at giving power and purpose to nature’s most important resource by keeping water safe, reliable and available.

This project served to reconfigure existing office and lab space to facilitate productivity, increase research and welcome employees back to office life. This necessitated a complete interior renovation of ceilings, MEP systems and finishes.

The firm’s purpose – Transforming Water, Enriching Life – is carried throughout via the branding elements of color and new advertising murals positioned in high traffic and collaborative areas. With flow being centralized to the layout, the hoteling concept is designed to enable 100 employees to have greater flexibility, socialization and creativity within their lives. Additionally, technologists and researchers were relocated into new lab spaces.

States Kevin Quinn, Dacon’s CEO, “Evoqua’s new design reflects a focus on water as a critical element to the quality of life. We cannot take this for granted. Evoqua’s mission is a compelling one.”

Evoqua’s products and services span wastewater treatment, disinfection systems, electrochemical products, filtration systems and digital water management solutions, and its portfolio of 16 brands services industrial, municipal and recreational customers.