Construction Software System Releases Update

Phoenix – DrawAlert, a construction administration software system, announced the release of the much-anticipated version 3.5. This version increases transparency and improves processes on all construction projects due to the newly-added “subcontractor payment confirmation feature”.

DrawAlert v3.5 offers additional transparency between parties on a project, as well as security with the subcontractor payment confirmation. This new feature is enabled by the project owner at any time during the construction process. When activated, subcontractors are asked to provide a digital signature verifying the date and amount received from payments. This information is shared directly with the project owner on the cloud-based system.

DrawAlert offers accurate, usable information to all stakeholders, and supports a flexible reporting solution for each project. On top of the subcontractor payment confirmation feature, DrawAlert v3.5 offers the following additional improvements:

  • The Document Library now features an improved search and sort functionality, helping to manage large numbers of documents relevant to a construction project
  • Additional warranty information is now gathered by DrawAlert (such as make and model), while continuing to send warranty expiration alerts to project stakeholders years after the project is completed
  • Subcontractors now have the option to forward project invitations within their company, helping to reach the correct parties involved and get onboarded quickly

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