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Construction Management Software To Increase Project Visibility

Scottsdale, AZ – InEight, the project technology firm, today announced that DVSANTOS (DVS) chose InEight® Project Suite to improve its operational efficiency. This suite of expandable, integrated construction project management software will allow DVS, an engineering, procurement, and construction company, to enhance collaboration among job sites, innovatively manage project costs and continue to grow in the energy, oil, gas and water sectors in Latin America and North America.

“DVS is rapidly growing its business and expanding into new markets. In managing this growth, DVS recognizes that technology can be a powerful tool to help scale its business, strengthen collaboration and improve efficiencies,” said Dan Hicks, chief operating officer at InEight. “Now, DVS can leverage InEight Project Suite to gain deep visibility into every project, real-time information for better project management, and insights it can use to continually improve performance.”With InEight Project Suite, DVS will gain unprecedented visibility into the health of its projects and portfolio. InEight Project Suite brings together essential project controls functions such as estimating and project cost management, work planning and field data collection, and contract management – all on a modular, interoperable cloud-based platform.InEight Project Suite is based on more than three decades of experience in construction software and on-the-job-site collaboration with many of the world’s leading contractors, owners, and operators. It instills consistent project controls workflows and best practices and integrates with third-party systems such as ERP, scheduling, document management, and design.“InEight is the ideal technology partner for DVS because it has true field experience and tools that are developed based on insights from decades of deep construction expertise,” said Juan Santos, chief executive officer at DVS. “InEight is working closely with us to design the best processes for our business to make sure we have the right data in the hands of our team when they need it.”

InEight and DVS are currently working to implement InEight Project Suite across all of the company’s future projects, including General Rojo, Villa Maria, and Barker Power Plants.

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