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BIMrx App Launched to Improve Project Efficiency

New York – Global AECO consulting firm Microdesk, a provider of business and technology advisory services for the design and construction industry, announced its launch of BIMrx, an application designed for Revit and non-Revit powered users.

BIMrx was designed to help increase efficiency when making large-scale changes by democratizing data that enables Revit-and  non-Revit powered users to make updates or calculations.  The application retrieves data from a Revit model and pushes it into Excel, allowing users to edit, measure and report at will.

The new plugin can help speed up data entry by using Excel formulas and tools, update models with information from non-Revit users or sources, and manage assets by merging model-based information with outside sources.

BIMrx is available for a free 14-day trial, with a yearly subscription cost of $99 per user or machine. The application is available for download on Microdesk’s website. To learn more about BIMrx visit:

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