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WIC Profile: Julia Hall

Julia Hall

Julia Hall’s career in construction started when she took a temporary assignment as a front desk receptionist for Dimeo Construction Company in Providence, R.I. She settled in quickly and excelled in this role with her natural ability to communicate and help people.

She received her associate’s degree in liberal arts from the Community College of R.I., and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Rhode Island College. In May 2019, she will receive her master’s degree in public administration from the University of Rhode Island.

Hall was promoted to community compliance coordinator and now travels all over New England  to promote an increase in women, minority, and resident trade workers.

Hall has met with and supported various nonprofit, private and public organizations in their efforts to mentor, recruit, educate, and retain women and minorities in the construction industry.

As community compliance coordinator, her accomplishments include: recognition from the Greater Lowell Workforce Board for extraordinary service and dedication to greater Lowell ‘s connecting activities program, and becoming a member of the American Contract Compliance Association.

Through these outreach efforts, Hall can introduce people, as young as high school students, to the possibility of a career with Dimeo or the contractor and subcontractor communities.

It’s also important to educate prospective members that the industry does not limit its employees to just one track; many people from the trade side can easily transition to the corporate/professional side as Hall did.

She is also part of the AGC MA Diversity + Inclusion Committee.