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UI, SCG and CNG Increase Energy Efficiency Incentives

Orange, CT – United Illuminating (UI), Southern Connecticut Gas (SCG) and Connecticut Natural Gas (CNG), subsidiaries of AVANGRID Inc., are offering virtual assessments and larger energy efficiency incentives to help customers navigate the current economic climate, including incentives that cover up to 75% of project costs.

UI, SCG and CNG have developed enhanced incentives for retrofit projects to support large commercial and industrial businesses with rebates and incentives. Up to 75% of install measure costs for retrofit projects completed in 2020 can be covered under the current program offerings. In addition, there are now more than 40 available incentive measures for HVAC and foodservice equipment.

Commercial property owners, energy modeling firms, and architectural firms can also obtain attractive incentives for new construction. Eligible projects are based on whole building outcomes, including those that are using high-performance lighting (LED), sustainable office design, interior and exterior lighting, and system controls to meet or exceed green building certification requirements.

“By providing these new and improved incentives, our hope is to help our customers get back on track with their energy efficiency goals for 2020,” said Elizabeth Murphy, supervisor at AVANGRID Inc. “These upgrades provide businesses with operating cost-savings during a critical time, supporting long-term sustainability and the viability of their business operations to meet new requirements or modifications.”

Micro-businesses, like local restaurants, small retail operations, doctor or lawyer offices, and private companies can now take advantage of a virtual, no contact energy pre-assessment through the Small Business Energy Advantage (SBEA) program. The assessment allows business owners to address energy-saving improvements remotely with UI, SCG, CNG approved contractors, using mobile devices to share and identify areas where upgrades could improve energy use.

After the assessment, a self-install kit of energy-saving measures will be mailed to the customer at no charge. A no-cost, follow-up site visit might be coordinated to identify any additional skilled or licensed labor needed, such as specialty equipment installation.

“Virtual assessments help micro-businesses, many of whom are feeling the negative impacts of the pandemic and continue to search for ways to save costs in daily operations,” said Amanda Gill, SBEA program manager. “It’s important that we continue to provide strong support for small businesses to reach and maintain financial and energy efficiency goals and the self-install options can help them realize savings right away.”

The SBEA program can help micro and small business companies with electric and gas cost-saving measures. Contractors and energy engineers will determine possible measures, including lighting systems or controls upgrades, sealing and weatherization, refrigeration controls and cooler upgrades, pipe insulation, HVAC system upgrades and controls, heating system controls, motor or drive controls, steam trap maintenance, compressed air systems, high-efficiency heating and water heating equipment, faucet aerators, trickle start shower heads or any custom energy efficiency measures.

AVANGRID Inc. is headquartered in Orange, Conn.