Trinity Turns Over Nike on Newbury Street

Wilmington, MA – Trinity Building + Construction Management Corp. is on track to turn over Nike Boston on Newbury Street on April 7th.

This date remains critical as it provides Nike much needed time to prepare for the highly anticipated Boston Marathon on April 21st.

Located on the corner of Newbury and Exeter Streets in the heart of the Back Bay, the massive three-floor Nike store has had a presence in this Boston neighborhood for decades. The renovated store will showcase Nike’s Fieldhouse inspired design and will pay homage to Boston’s rich sports history. Major design elements include reclaimed gymnasium wood flooring on the ground level, concrete flooring on the second level and rubber flooring partially made of recycled rubber from the soles of Nike shoes in the second level fitting rooms. Reclaimed wood boards from bleachers as wall treatments, exposed ductwork, whitewashed brick and blackened steel panel systems are visible throughout. The store also features a representation of Fenway Park’s Green Monster which will be displayed on the third floor wall overlooking the store. The graphic will top off at 37’-0” just like the original at Fenway Park and team banners representing each championship title earned by a Boston sports team will be hung from the store’s rafters.

The Trinity team began the 25,000sf gut renovation on December 2, 2013 with major interior demolition of the escalator, walls and glass wall panels. The project included two retail floors and a third floor combination of office space and stockrooms.

Stock rooms were renovated and added on multiple levels, and the elevator was completely refurbished. A central metal pan staircase with concrete in-fills and wire glass railings was constructed to connect the first and second levels and a new employee staircase that spans from the second to third floor was installed. A glass curtain wall emblazoned with the Nike swoosh on top of a bleacher board wall is featured on the Exeter Street side of the building.

Working with a tight 18-week schedule the project team has had to carefully phase all work to prevent any impact to the construction schedule from challenges encountered along the way. The 90 yards of concrete poured on the second level meant no work could be performed for one full week on the second level until the concrete could cure.

Challenges such at this were managed effectively to keep the project on track. Targeting LEED Silver, building materials were locally sourced, a rigorous recycling and disposal program was executed. LED lighting as well as numerous sustainable design elements were incorporated, and only low emitting paints and adhesives were used in construction.

Trinity’s LEED expert Tim Rogovich, who managed the project along with superintendent Bruce Kidder, said “Nike’s transformation is appropriately timed with one of Boston’s most celebrated events. We are proud to have been a part of building a unique space that incorporates sustainable design elements and showcases Nike’s new design, while at the same time honors the legacy of Boston’s sports teams.”

Trinity’s second partnership with Nike and TVA Architects is looking to be yet another successful project.