TFMoran Donates to Scholarship Fund

(l-r) Paul Sbacchi, TFMoran; Kate Baker, NHCSF; Dylan Cruess, and Jim O’Neil, TFMoran

Manchester, NH – TFMoran has donated $5,000 to the New Hampshire Children’s Scholarship Fund, an Education Tax Credit Program. This financial assistance is available to New Hampshire children of low- and moderate-income families to attend K-12 schools that best fit their needs.

These scholarships can apply to private schools, out-of-district schools, and homeschooling, which make these options more financially available.

The check was presented to Kate Baker, executive director of Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire at TFMoran’s Bedford office by Paul Sbacchi, chief structural engineer; Dylan Cruess, COO; and Jim O’Neil, chief of survey.

Since 1998 the nonprofit national charity organization, Children’s Scholarship Fund, has awarded more than $789 million in scholarships to the families of over 174,000 low-income children.

Education Tax Credit scholarships have been available to New Hampshire children since 2013, after the New Hampshire legislature passed the Opportunity Scholarship Act in 2012.