Sterling Completes Expansion of Clean Room

| March 1, 2017

Sterling clean room

Lancaster, MA – Following an expansive upgrade to its ISO Class 8 clean room, Sterling Manufacturing is announcing the next phase of enhancements to this space. The company has added an array of decorating capabilities, to better serve clients within the medical and healthcare industries, offering more value-additive services in conjunction with its clean room molding capabilities.

Among the additions is a new electro-pneumatic two-color pad printer with a rotational table. The equipment features enhanced capabilities via supports that are micro-metrically controlled for fast registration. An electronic key command board allows for a depth of functional control, including timer delays, front and back delay, timed inking, counting, machine cycle speed, and program auxiliary functions. These features afford the company the ability to complete two-color pad printing of more complex medical parts.

The company completed an extensive expansion of its ISO Certified Class 8 clean room in 2015. The project was designed to accommodate the needs of Sterling’s growing core of clientele and was focused on meeting the high standards required for custom injection molding projects in both the medical and life sciences industries. Sterling’s multi-million dollar expansion project was completed ahead of schedule, allowing the company to quickly scale up its operations in a sustainable way, to support new projects requiring a superior standard of fabrication.

The result of completion was an ISO Certified Class 8 clean room that is double the size of the company’s previous space, paving the way for multiple new energy-efficient Engel injection-molding machines, complete with multi-axis servo robots. This new space allows for faster manufacturing and more comprehensive technical project development. Sterling Manufacturing’s clean room expansion highlighted the company’s dedication to the medical and life sciences markets, and to healthy growth through reinvestment.


“State-of-the-art technology ensures the highest quality registration and repeatability, paired with faster cycle times for consistency in operation and expedited results for Sterling Manufacturing’s customers. This new investment in decorating technology is in line with Sterling’s philosophy of capitalizing on new technologies to grow organically, in tandem with our customers, to support future growth on both sides,” said Scott Zygulski, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Sterling Manufacturing

.  Other recent investments in Sterling’s decorating capabilities include an all-electric Logica Mimicro N90S pad printer for single color prints and a US-10 hot stamp and heat transfer decorating machine.  The Logica Mimicro pad printer includes an electromechanical rotary table for high cadence production and utilizes an eco-friendly hermetic ink system that prevents solvent evaporation. Because this machine offers numerical control of all mechanical movements, it’s perfectly suited for high precision decorating. Extremely fast changeover times allow the company to quickly complete a gamut of runs for expedited turnaround times.  The US-10 Hot Stamper offers ultra-consistent head travel, as well as a precision foil advance system for optimum performance and transfer quality. This means reduced setup and cycle times, along with high reliability and efficiency for customers. The ability to adapt to a wide range of part sizes vastly expands Sterling Manufacturing’s decorating capabilities and affords customers a depth of possibilities for custom work.

With company revenue growing over 250% since 2011, this expansion marked a reinvestment in Sterling’s ability to not only accept new projects, but to continue producing top-tier results for its customers.  “We’re really quite proud of the growth we’ve seen in the last four years and we’re doing all we can to make sure it continues far into the future. Updating and expanding our clean room was a major step in ensuring sustainable growth not only for us, but for our customers as well,” said Stan Bowker, President at Sterling Manufacturing. “Our sights are always set on success—the completion of this tremendous undertaking was another measured step in the right direction.”

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