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SCI Completes Renovation Projects for Brightview Woodbury Lake

Interior of BrghtView Woodbury Lake

The Bistro area of Brightview Woodbury Lake

Woodbury, NJ – South Coast Improvement Company (SCI), of Marion, Mass., and Reading, Penn., completed a series of renovation projects for Brightview Woodbury Lake, an assisted living facility in Woodbury, N.J.

The renovation projects, totaling approximately $590,000, featured renovation of the Bistro bar area (new flooring, paint, wall covering, lighting, countertops, and the refurbishment of existing cabinets).

Other significant renovations included new finishes for the occupational therapy/physical therapy unit, new office space, and an enlarged dining room and activity space for the antimeres unit.

Additional improvements as part of the renovation included the design-build creation of outdoor deck space for the second floor ALS unit, featuring added safety precautions for Alzheimer’s patients. The Alzheimer’s dining area also received a number of renovations, such as paint, flooring, millwork, plumbing, fixtures, lighting, and installation of appliances.

South Coast Improvement replaced windows throughout the facility as well as some of the building’s siding.


“Process is the key to projects like these where you have to coordinate with the day-to-day activities of staff and residents,” said Tom Quinlan, president of South Coast Improvement Company. “A successful project is not only one that looks great but caused minimal interruption to operations. We achieved that here at Brightview Woodbury Lake.” .


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