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Mass. State House Exec Offices of Governor Named 2016 BPA Award Winner


Award-winning Massachusetts State House renovation

Boston – Finegold Alexander Architects recently announced that the Massachusetts State House Executive Offices of the Governor has been named a winner of a 2016 Boston Preservation Alliance Achievement Award for restoration and renovation of this national landmark.

The renovation and restoration project was designed and managed by the firm. This is the first time in a century that the state house and executive offices have been updated.

“This was a very special opportunity, and we are delighted for the recognition,” said Maurice Finegold, senior principal of Finegold Alexander Architects.



State House Interior

“At a time when state budgets seem perennially short of needs, we are privileged to recognize a project demonstrating an understanding of the stewardship responsibility our government holds,” said Greg Galer, executive director of the Boston Preservation Alliance. “Collectively we need to care for irreplaceable historic treasures, even when doing so is challenging. We can defer only so long before significant rehabilitation is required. Preservation needs to be understood as an active process, and that message begins at the top, the Governor’s Office.”

“The Finegold Alexander Architects team is proud to receive praise for this special historic project. The project represents how a team of experts can work seamlessly together to restore one of the most historically significant spaces in Boston and in the United States, while satisfying all the contemporary requirements for access, safety and comfort.” added Finegold.