Colantonio Project Receives Award

Senate Chamber gallery view

Holliston, MA  – The Massachusetts Historical Commission recently honored the rehabilitation and restoration of the State House Senate Chamber with a 2019 Award at its annual ceremony.

Colantonio was the general contractor for the project. Its team relied on the craftsmanship of many experts to perform the historic restoration work.

Large-scale improvements were designed by CBT Architects with meticulous attention to detail.

A new HVAC system improved air flow and climate control through sustainable replicas of 19th-century snowflake-patterned grilles in the chamber ceiling.

Accessibility upgrades – a chairlift to the rostrum, adjusted desk heights to accommodate handicapped seating, and various hearing and visibility aids – paired with technology improvements to transform the room into a functional, universal space.

M&A Architectural Preservation restored the rusticated wood panels that line the chamber walls.  The firm designed an intricate nomenclature and used 3D laser scanning to record the location of each panel.  Each panel was analyzed, photographed and labeled with a permanent, pre-numbered brass tag to ensure their return to the same spot after restoration.