City Kids Supports Dorchester Winter Farmers Market

At the Dorchester Winter Farmers Market (l-r): Market Manager Richard Scott, Zaquarah Caldwell, Lori Gustama, Kristina Pruitt (all of BOLD Teens); Stephen Whalen; Codman Square Neighborhood Council President Cynthia Loesch-Johnson; and Jeffery Johnson

Boston – City Kids, a nonprofit organization founded by City Realty Group to provide education resources for underserved youth, is supporting the Dorchester Winter Farmers Market (DWFM) with a timely donation that preserves a vital coupon program.

Organized each year by Codman Square Health Center, Codman Square Neighborhood Council and BOLD Teens, the DWFM is the only winter farmers market in Dorchester providing fresh produce, baked goods, meat, specialty goods from local producers, art, and craft items. The DWFM is committed to encouraging good health through food access and supporting local farms and businesses. City Kids is again sponsoring the DWFM and increased its donation to $7500 help ensure the program can reach the most vulnerable members of the community.

The youth leadership of BOLD Teens is an important part of the DWFM.  The teens go into the neighborhood to distribute farmers market coupons to individuals and families that need assistance with purchasing food.  The youth also engage directly with their community neighbors, helping to educate them on the importance of a local food system. The DWFM coupon program was recently in jeopardy when, for the first time, the Mayor’s Office of Food Justice was unable to provide funding.  Upon hearing of this unexpected development, City Kids decided to increase its donation so the DWFM could establish its own coupon program and ensure that families in Dorchester who rely on this benefit would still be assisted.  This donation is an increase from the funding City Kids provided last year, matching the Mayor’s Office of Food Justice’s contribution.

“Food and nutrition insecurity has a devastating impact on children and families,” said Stephen Whalen, co-founder of City Kids and managing partner at City Realty Group. “The coupon program is engaging youth in the effort to help families who often have trouble finding farm fresh food or any healthful food options in their neighborhood. We are proud to support the Dorchester Winter Farmers Market and the wonderful Codman Square community.”