Education Restoration/Renovation

Lockheed Window Renovates UMASS Amherst Student Union

The main entrance of the UMASS Amherst Student Union project


Lockheed Window Corp. began working on the UMASS Amherst Student Union renovation in October 2019, and is now nearing the finish line of the project, with an estimated completion date of November 2020. Lockheed teams are installing EFCO curtain walls, Frameworks interior storefront, a NanaWall folding door, SAF custom-painted Black Fog brake metal, Noise Barriers sound control windows, and TGP Fire-Rated storefront, doors, and curtain walls for this large project.

A recent exterior shot of the updated building


The UMASS project has not come without challenges, including adhering to tight timelines while working with various partners and remaining safe and efficient while working through COVID-19 without delay. Lockheed teams also effectively planned for structural challenges posed by this project, such as extremely heavy curtain walls due to steel reinforcements. Lack of room for lifts at interior locations led Lockheed crews to use a chain hoist to install the sound control windows, each of which was over 1,000 pounds.

Lockheed crews work on the in-progress project in April.

One of the most notable aspects of the project is the three-story ballroom curtain wall Lockheed attached and tied in with existing construction return walls at the site. The unique curtain wall has architectural fins, which are 3 inch and 6 inch finish caps with a deep profile center extrusion.

Lockheed teams have the expertise and dedication to take on any commercial project, whether it be renovation or new construction, and exceed expectations. Their vertical integration allows them to take projects from design all the way through to installation.

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