St. Mark’s Gets New Training Space

Infilled portico with equipment pickup

Southborough, MA – Students at St. Mark’s School were greeted last spring with the transformation of underutilized storage space in the historic Elkins Gymnasium to the new Coolidge Athletic Performance Center.

As the lead designers, S3 Design said this project is a wonderful example of building repurposing, teamwork, and the creation of a new student life experience on St. Mark’s campus. Erland Construction was the construction manager for the project,

The renovation brought new life and energy to the 85-year-old Elkins Building. Former athletic equipment and underutilized storage rooms were opened up to create 3,700sf of athletic training space that, according to Athletic Director John Levandowski, “has changed the fitness culture at St. Mark’s.”

Turf training area

The focal point of the new facility is the functional training turf area located in the center of the space. This area provides students with space to do more contemporary fitness activities and performance training. The turf is surrounded by power racks along the west wall and a dedicated rowing room with eight erg machines, as well as other support equipment.

As part of the renovation, S3 and the design and construction teams enclosed an existing outdoor portico to create a new internal circulation path. The circulation now runs through the existing Elkins Lobby to the new entrance for the athletic center.

As part of the new circulation, a new athletic equipment room was created that is now home to the drop-off and pick-up of athletic uniforms. By combining the equipment pick-up and the new entrance to the Coolidge Center into the original formal entry to Elkins, the building has once again become the gateway to athletics and fitness on campus.