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Meet Abigail Iorio, SMPS Boston Board President-Elect

This article originally appeared on SMPS Boston’s website.

by the SMPS Boston Communications Committee

Abigail Iorio has a passion for SMPS – she loves how her work life and SMPS share similar philosophies with an entrepreneurial spirit. She started 10 years ago at HLB Lighting Design in an administrative position and quickly became involved in proposals. A few proposals progressed into a full-time marketing role. HLB has grown from 40 to 100 employees since Abby started, and today she manages a nationwide marketing team where she loves going to work every day.

Abigail Iorio

She spearheads all marketing campaigns and initiatives while staying involved in proposal efforts and strategic planning for the firm. Business development is a big part of her daily work life; she really enjoys meeting new people, fostering great relationships, and chasing new work. Mentorship is another part of her job that she loves – she works with an incredible group of marketers at HLB and truly enjoys working with and inspiring others. She’s had incredible mentors throughout her career so far, so she believes in paying it forward now!

Abby was encouraged to join SMPS Boston and get involved in a committee back in 2013 by her marketing manager. She’s excited to be the SMPS Boston VP/president-elect and looks forward to working with yet another talented board of directors. Abby served as the SMPS Boston membership director from 2018-2020 and has been a part of several SMPS NERC conference committees. What she’s most happy about is getting to know SMPS members better and working with them to continue to make SMPS Boston a wonderful place to be.

Abby says that SMPS has been an invaluable part of her career – she is grateful for the organization and all of the people in it. She likes to think  “we are all here for the same reason,” which is to network, learn, and grow. Abby believes that SMPS is a gold mine for meeting new people and staying on top of what’s trending in our industry.

“There is something really special about the SMPS community and what the organization stands for, and I’m so glad to be a part of it.”