SMPS Boston

Meet Hilary Nieukirk, SMPS Boston Board Secretary

This article originally appeared on SMPS Boston’s website.

by the SMPS Boston Communications Committee

Hilary Nieukirk’s entry into the AEC industry was by chance, but it proved to be the right career path for her. A graduate of Smith College with a degree in English, she’d already worked in product marketing and was temping while trying to figure out her next step. The temp agency landed her at an architecture firm (TRO, now part of SmithGroup), where she soon became a permanent employee as an administrative assistant supporting the construction administration department. Beyond her core responsibilities, she was always using her writing and editing skills for various colleagues throughout the firm. A couple of years later, when a job opened up in the marketing department of her firm, she was offered the opportunity to join the team. Sixteen years, two architecture firms, and two CM firms later, Hilary is a senior marketing manager at Shawmut Design and Construction and the secretary of SMPS Boston.

Hilary attended some SMPS events throughout her early career but did not join until she could become involved on a more regular basis. SMPS has helped her gain confidence and assert herself as a knowledgeable professional. A life-long learner, she participated in the CMPS study group in 2012-13. After passing the exam, she was asked to join the CPSM committee. When Chuck Raymond became the director, he asked Hilary to become the chair with plans to succeed him. She served as director of the CPSM Committee from 2016-18 and since then as a committee member.

A fun fact about Hilary is that she is involved in film societies and festivals. She is on the board of directors for Chlotrudis Society for Independent film, a society to honor and support independent and foreign films. For many years, she also served as a volunteer captain for the Independent Film Festival Boston. More recently, she’s expanded her volunteering experience to include the NERC Registration Committee as a volunteer in 2019 and co-chair for 2022.