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Meet Andrew Beaton, SMPS Boston Board President

This article originally appeared on SMPS Boston’s website.

by the SMPS Boston Communications Committee

One could say that Andrew Beaton’s path to the AEC industry was written in the stars. While attending Georgetown University, he took courses in everything from statistics to modern art, and from medieval literature to astronomy. “My writing got stronger, my critical thinking skills sharpened, and I learned that I would make a horrible astronomer,” he says.

Andrew Beaton

Armed with a degree in English literature, Andrew accepted a part-time job as a marketing assistant for Tech Environmental, a pioneering air quality firm, because he thought the principals would be interesting and inspiring to work with. His five years at Tech Environmental educated him in the world of environmental engineering and professional services marketing. “I learned so much about how to consistently meet client expectations, how to re-invest in the firm when the market is strong and find efficiencies when the market is weak, and how to be successful at industry conferences.” He joined CDM Smith in 2011 and currently leads the corporate marketing campaigns team, engaging the firm’s clients by creating articles, videos, live events, and social content. “I’ve been very lucky to work for people who have constantly challenged me with new projects. As a result, I’m always trying to figure out what my next ambitious goal is going to be,” he explains.

Andrew initially joined SMPS to grow his network in the Boston AEC industry. In order to immerse himself in the chapter, he joined the Communications Committee when it was staffed by other future SMPS Boston leaders including Anna Luciano, Valerie Puchades, Suzanne King, PJ Roscoe, and Elena Lelchuk. He credits this learning experience as “an amazing way to get involved with the chapter.” Through SMPS Boston, he embraced opportunities he was able to utilize in his professional life including running the blog and analyzing metrics for the communication channels.

In his free time, he enjoys running, trying critically-acclaimed restaurants in the greater Boston area with his wife, or hanging out with his two sons and creating funny videos for his Instagram story. Additionally, Andrew is a true aficionado of Nicolas Cage films.