MBC Webinar: Before & After – How a Pandemic Changes Project Delivery

On Sept. 23, the Massachusetts Building Congress (MBC) hosted a webinar entitled, “Before & After – How a Pandemic Changes Project Delivery.”

The event was moderated by Fran Harrison, MBC program chair. Panelists included Brad Hodges, PE, director of science, technology & manufacturing practice, SMRT Architects and Engineers; Brian Hamilton, director of healthcare & life sciences, Consigli Construction; and John C. Cannistraro, Jr., president, Cannistraro.

The panelists addressed the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic on daily operations and project delivery, and what their companies are doing to adapt. Panelists commented that the pandemic has forced them to become more efficient, and has driven more offsite fabrication. Additionally, it has encouraged a more “all in this together” approach and has highlighted the importance of regular meetings and updates from leaders to the company as a whole.

The panelists also emphasized the importance of recruiting and encouraging young people to pursue careers in the industry, and of developing a long-term plan for prioritizing diversity and inclusion in their companies and in the industry as a whole.