COVID Recovery Program Comes to Mass

Boston – In partnership with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Streetsense designed and supported one of the largest COVID recovery planning programs in the nation, the Rapid Recovery Program. The $10 million-dollar program uses Streetsense’s methodology to support Massachusetts businesses impacted by COVID-19.

The program was launched on a statewide scale in December 2020, with 124 rapid recovery plans that together identify over 1,100 discrete “shovel ready” projects that will assist businesses to recover from the effects of COVID-19 and that reflect community input and support. These plans enable communities to apply for additional competitive federal funding and resources and ensure the Commonwealth has the depth of understanding needed to inform future resource allocation.

Streetsense’s process and award-winning methodology provided the framework for 124 plans and an interactive and public database with aggregate data of all the projects. The results provide Massachusetts policymakers with the first publicly available dashboard that offers sufficient standardized information such as vacancies, business closures, business owner sentiment and other data to inform policy and future capital investment decisions. Streetsense’s approach also lends itself to designing statewide or federal programs that can be executed across broader geographies.