IBEW Annual Retirement Dinner

Dorchester, MA—– IBEW, Local 103, hosted its 31st Annual Retirement Dinner at its Union Hall in Dorchester on September 28, 2103.  While the national retirement age has increased to 73 years of age, IBEW, Local 103, members’ age of retirement has decreased to 58 with average amount of years spent in retirement at 20 years.

IBEW, Local 103, Business Manager, Michael Monahan, said, “ We are proud to provide pension benefits to the hardworking men and women of IBEW, Local 103. We thank them for their dedicated service and are pleased to have a 1.4 billion dollar pension plan in the green zone, while nationally pensions are either being eliminated or are in the red. Our pension plan’s success is a result of strong leadership and management with our counterparts planning effectively for our members. “