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Hereva is Making it Big in the World of cGMP Projects for Biotech Companies

by Patrick Gallagher


Serena Bodner, Patrick Gallagher, and Robin Dorogusker (not pictured: Ciara McGurran)

Hereva Consultants, Inc. provides owner’s representation and project consulting services specializing in the science and technology industry. Within the last six months, Hereva has been awarded two process manufacturing facilities for local biotech innovators. Each project is in excess of 200,000sf – representing over $350 million in design and construction.

Both biotech companies are currently located in Cambridge but leading the way in creating local manufacturing just outside the city. One company is building from the ground up, allowing for total customization. The other is leasing an existing manufacturing space. There at the onset of the project, Hereva instantly became imbedded in the team, seamlessly engaging the customer groups, facilitating the design process, managing the budget, and scheduling milestones on behalf of the client’s team.

How does Hereva do it? When the client’s own team is small, they often become outnumbered by design, construction, and even landlord teams. Hereva strikes a balance for the owner to help them better strategize and protect their interests. Most importantly, the team at Hereva understands the owner’s business and the need for a successfully operating facility.

The love of science and innovation drives Hereva to gain a deep understanding of the client’s requirements and to develop trusted relationships with all stakeholders. Hereva strives to facilitate a teamwork, to ensure each member team has the tools they need to do their part, and that for all aspects of the project everyone is fully engaged in the process. It’s only by the success of each member of the team that the client can truly have a great project in the end.

Both projects expect to be completed in 2018, ensuring Hereva will be here to continue helping deliver projects for our clients. In the meantime, several other projects are nearing completion and new clients are signing on. Check out for more information about their people and projects.