Case Study: COVID-19 Health and Safety Services

High-Profile spoke with Darin Goodwin MPH, CHMM, senior EHS consultant at EBI Consulting, about a case study of worksite compliance inspection that they conducted.

“Worksite compliance inspection provides municipalities with the information they need to permit construction that meets COVID-19 safety requirements put forth by the CDC,” explained Goodwin. “In some cases, owners do this for themselves or they may hire an outside service to do it.  Municipalities may require a compliance inspector be provided if they have not been getting the reports they need, or if a complaint has been raised about possible noncompliance.”

The following is an example of the guidelines and remedies EBI is performing for a client.

Case Study: COVID-19 Health and Safety Services

A developer is in the process of building luxury condominiums in Revere,  Mass. The city has recently enacted enforceable COVID-19 guidelines that require construction companies to implement procedures to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus. EBI Consulting was retained to conduct weekly inspections at the ongoing construction site for compliance to these guidelines.

The guidelines include, but are not limited to:

  • Appoint a site-specific COVID-19 compliance officer;
  • Conduct a stand-down to provide employee training;
  • Institute a “zero-tolerance” policy for sick employees;
  • Provide hand washing/sanitizing facilities;
  • Institute a personal distancing policy for employees at work breaks, lunches, and driving;
  • Have employees confirm that they are healthy at the start of each workday.

The city also requires the general contractor to retain an independent, third-party inspector who will be “accountable solely to the city of Revere and shall be responsible for the enforcement of all orders regarding safeguards for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 at authorized construction sites.”

EBI’s certified industrial hygienists and environmental health and safety professionals developed and implemented a plan of action to meet the hiring company’s safety and compliance needs:

  • Provide a health and safety professional to conduct weekly inspections of the construction site;
  • Draft an inspection checklist identifying each of the compliance requirements set by the city;
  • Forward completed checklists to the Revere building inspector identifying any discrepancies and corrective actions taken.