DM&S Plays its Hand at Wynn Boston Harbor

| July 21, 2017

by Katherine Marr

In December 2016, Daniel Marr & Son (DM&S) began work for Canadian structural steel fabricator Canatal Industries and general contractor Suffolk Construction, installing the structural steel for Wynn Boston Harbor in Everett, Mass. The 34-acre, $2.4 billion development is recognized as the largest private, single-phase construction project in Massachusetts history, and is slated for completion in 2019. DM&S will complete a substantial portion of the structural steel work by the end of 2017.

Daniel Marr & Son is installing approximately 11,500 tons of structural steel at Wynn Boston Harbor in Everett, MA/ photo by Tracy Seward

As of May 2017, DM&S has completed work on the central utility plant (CUP), a 260,000sf area, utilizing approximately 2,500 tons of steel. DM&S is currently more than halfway through the steel erection of the Podium, a 725,000sfand gaming area, utilizing approximately 6,500 tons of steel. The next, large-scale phase of building will begin in mid-August with the Convention Center, a 250,000sf area, with the installation of approximately 1,500 tons of steel. Finally, in February 2018, DM&S will return to install the structural steel dunnage and screen wall on the resort’s hotel roof.

With an aggressive schedule to adhere to, DM&S has worked to stay ahead of deadlines by hiring quality man power — over 100 iron workers — working day, night, and weekend shifts to complete the various phases of work. Wynn’s extraordinarily large footprint has, in and of itself, necessitated an above-average amount of upfront planning and sequencing with many entities. The use of six different tower cranes positioned throughout the site has made the sequencing of steel erection a distinct challenge.

DM&S has utilized the vast resources of its sister companies in the effort to build Wynn Boston Harbor. Marr Crane & Rigging has supplied equipment as needed, including a 300-ton crane to assist in steel erection at the CUP and Podium, as well as a 90-ton crane to offload and pre-assemble trusses; a 90-ton crane will also be utilized to assist DM&S in the erection of the structural framing for a theme wall around the resort. Marr Scaffolding Company’s power division has also supplied scissor lifts and boom lifts onsite, while the shoring division has been involved in designing and supplying shoring towers to support the steel erection of domes, an architectural element featured throughout the resort.

Upon completion, the Wynn Boston Harbor will occupy nearly 13 acres of land in Everett, changing the immediate landscape and skyline along the harbor drastically. As DM&S President Rich Burns says, “We are thrilled to be part of this exciting and challenging project. It will go down as one of the landmark achievements of the company’s nearly 120-year history.”







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