Dacon and Lucey Complete Global Facility

| January 16, 2020

Corporate headquarters and logistics center in Centennial Park

Peabody, MA – Dacon Corporation and the Lucey Development Group completed construction on a $16 million, 140,703sf ground-up corporate headquarters and logistics center in Centennial Park.

The design rationale behind the new headquarters is a fresh space that influences the firm’s dynamic atmosphere, optimizes efficiency, and keeps logistics fluid while serving as a national hub for training programs.  The project entailed a 108,000sf warehouse area, a 16,395sf first floor office, and a 15,801sf mezzanine office area.

Entrance to the staircase that leads to offices

A key design goal was an innovative space reflecting the firm’s progressive culture.  Employees and visitors enter through a two-story, glass façade with a monumental staircase that leads to the corporate offices, an amphitheater-style training room, open cubicle spaces, and two glass-walled conference rooms.

Redolent throughout the facility’s design is the firm’s employee and customer-centric culture.  Core values are displayed in high use areas, with each department branded by a values street sign.  Employee enjoyment is an integral component to the firm’s brand.

In a nod to Boston’s great sports teams, small conference rooms are at employees’ disposal, designed in the thematics of the Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins and Patriots.

A high-end kitchen offers group booths.

A high-end kitchen and breakroom akin to a 1950’s diner offers group booths, cooking equipment, quick serve food, metal paneling and gaming tables, creating an active social space.  The open floor plan between corporate offices and the warehouse allows for employees to circulate within the building easily.




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