Construction Management Firm Supports Heading Home

Boston – J. Calnan and Associates (JC&A) has supported Heading Home, one of Boston’s providers of emergency shelter, transitional and permanent housing for low-income homeless and former homeless children and adults, and its mission to end homelessness in the Greater Boston area.

Last weekend, a team of a dozen of JC&A’s internal philanthropy group, JCAres, worked together on a shelter beautification for one of Heading Home’s family shelters in Dorchester. The shelter, which provides temporary housing to families and individuals awaiting their permanent placement.  It is currently home to six families, including several small children and two expectant mothers.  The team cleaned inside the house, washing windows and mopping and waxing floors, while others worked outside to mow the lawn, reinvigorate front gardens with fresh mulch and flowers, and plant a small vegetable garden in the back yard – improvements the team hopes everyone in the house will enjoy.

JC&A has continuously shown support for Heading Home, including participating in the She4She virtual broadcast event as well as Housewarming 2022, an annual fundraiser that surpassed its goal of $1.5M and raised a record-breaking $2.2M earlier this spring.