Collaboration Helps Haulers Easily Renew Insurance

Framingham, MA – Trux, a dump truck logistics technology company, announced a collaboration with Boston-based REIN.

REIN offers an insurance platform with access to insurers’ services and digital programs. This collaboration was designed to provide a simplified insurance onboarding and renewal program for dump truck drivers.

The Trux Marketplace currently serves over 28,000 insured dump truck drivers. Trux and REIN saw an opportunity to make the process of initial account setup and insurance renewal easier which provides independent owners and fleets access to top-tier insurance.

Outside of the Trux Marketplace, haulers looking for work with a local construction company or material producer face paperwork and a process that can take weeks. The increased efficiency that Trux and REIN provide connects haulers with additional work in minutes and prevents downtime when it comes time for insurance renewals.

This collaboration will protect Trux users from lapses in coverage through regular notifications prior to and during the renewal process, and users can also take advantage of carrier premium discount programs offered through REIN. By speeding up insurance renewal, truck drivers and fleet owners can reduce project delays, interruptions, and risk.