Cogswell Works on Leominster Hospital Project

Leominster Hospital project under construction

Worcester, MA – Cogswell Sprinkler Co., Inc. is working with Harry Grodsky & Co., Inc. to complete the new cogen addition located at the UMassMemorial HealthAlliance/Leominster Hospital Campus. The cogen addition will allow Leominster Hospital to save energy by utilizing cogeneration, a highly efficient process that uses one fuel to generate two types of energy — electrical and thermal. By capturing and using heat that would otherwise go to waste, cogeneration reduces the overall fuel consumed in the process. It is one of the cleaner and most cost-effective options available for energy production.

Cogswell is performing fire sprinkler design assist in conjunction with FM Global and local authorities to then install an FM-compliant hazard category 3 wet pipe sprinkler system in this 28,000sf addition.

Cogswell Sprinkler’s project manager, Brian Gird, and design technician, Adam Wagner, are working diligently with Harry Grodsky Company’s sr. PM/executive, Kevin Varney, project manager, Casey Flynn, and foreman/superintendent, Mark Pappagallo along with FM Global’s engineering specialist, George Bourisk, to successfully bring the project to completion by mid-September.



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