Multi Residential

Changes at Sprague St. in Hyde Park

 Boston –  The Noannet Group responded to comments and suggestions from the Readville neighborhood of Hyde Park by filing a Draft Project Impact Report (DPIR) for the proposed new middle-income residential project with the addition of a condominium component and a significant reduction in the total square footage of the project’s buildings.

The architect is Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype, Inc., of Boston.

The most significant change community members will see is the conversion of the project’s largest building from rental apartments to for-sale condominiums.

This was a request from many area residents, who felt that the presence of homeowners as well as renters in the project would increase the integration of the new development with the existing community and help make residents feel more connected to their community.

Another concern raised by community members was a sense that portions of the project were out of scale with their surroundings.  Accordingly, the most significant visual change people will see is the reduction in size of the building closest to the Sprague Street Bridge from seven to five stories, together with the addition of more space between the building and Sprague Street, to allow for wider sidewalks and more landscaping.

The result of this change, together with other massing changes elsewhere on the property, including moving a planned restaurant closer to Sprague Street, constitutes a 13% reduction in project square footage –approximately 75,000sf.

The four buildings will be laid out more like a college campus than a conventional apartment complex, with more than 90% of the parking below the complex’s plaza level.  Based on this layout, the buildings will be oriented around large lawns and green space areas, with nearly 2.5 acres of green space in total, plus a central plaza adjacent and walkway connecting to Readville Station.