Braintree Real Estate Firm Highlights Commitment to Sustainability

Hearth Anna Bissonnette House

Braintree, MA – Peabody Properties, a full-service real estate and property management firm, will celebrate Earth Day today with a milestone achievement:  no-cost energy upgrades throughout their managed portfolio, which now exceed $16.5 million.

These upgrades include high efficiency lighting, refrigerators, and boilers, as well as water upgrades and no-cost weatherization.

One highlight in particular among Peabody’s efforts is the Anna Bissonnette House, owned by the non-profit organization Hearth Inc. In January 2017, Peabody Properties recommended to Hearth to move forward in retrofitting the property with .8 gpf toilets (which replaced very old, and sometimes original equipment), as well as updating all shower heads and aerators to low-flow devices.  These efforts have resulted in 969,000 gallons of water saved annually.

Additionally, Peabody Properties continues to look at opportunities for savings and energy conservation as a result of lighting, refrigeration, boiler, water, and weatherization retrofits, including those through utility-funded programs.  The realized savings are being reinvested and passed on to residents. Just in the last two months, Peabody has added to their total of no-cost energy retrofits by about $700,000.