Extended Care to Reduce Energy Use

Boston – Sudbury Pines Extended Care ended the year with a more than 25% reduction in energy use following a partnership with Eversource. The family-owned small business is now a more efficient year-round environment for guests, families and employees, all while reducing its environmental impact and saving $18,000 in yearly energy costs.

The energy efficiency work includes a comprehensive lighting upgrade including ceiling sensors and photocells, the installation of low-flow faucets and aerators and refrigeration upgrades. Eversource also helped Sudbury Pines install Wi-Fi thermostats, which in addition to providing energy savings and convenience, allows Sudbury Pines to participate in the Eversource ConnectedSolutions Demand Response, a program that offers participants incentives for allowing the energy company to adjust their WiFi thermostats during peak energy periods.

Sudbury Pines Extended Care plans to invest its energy savings into additional energy efficiency projects, including insulation, heat recovery ventilation systems, and new heating and cooling systems. There is also high consideration of installing rooftop solar, having been accepted into Eversource’s SMART program, which is expected to cover more than 60% of the building’s current energy demand.

Sudbury Pines took advantage of Eversource’s Small Business Energy Solutions which included a free facility audit by AECOM, a qualified energy contractor, and a proposal detailing recommended energy improvements. Eversource reviewed the proposal to ensure that the project was cost-effective and paid up to 90% of project costs for installation of approved energy-efficient measures such as LED lighting and building controls. Eversource also inspects completed projects to verify equipment is correctly installed and working and confirms the job is completed to customer satisfaction.