Accel Partners with Eversource on New Facility

Berlin, CT – Accel International, a specialty cables and wires manufacturer, recently expanded operations, retrofitting a 177,000sf facility in Cheshire to support its nearby Meriden operations.
The company partnered with Eversource to save on energy costs at its new location through the installation of energy-efficient manufacturing equipment, building systems and lighting. The building upgrades and new equipment will save Accel International approximately $1 million in energy costs over the next 10 years.
Eversource and Accel worked with Plainville-based Possidento Therrien Electrical Contractors. They reviewed the facility’s existing systems and determined it was overpowered for the new space. As a result, they were able to scale down the existing system while still maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the building’s manufacturing and office space.

Tony Oh, CEO of Accel International, began working with Eversource on upgrades to the new facility as soon as the company closed on the property in September 2018.

“Working with Eversource allowed us to envision the possibilities of the new space and also make strategic decisions based on our individual business operations,” said Oh. “We addressed our production needs and applied many of the established production efficiencies to this project. Our new space will be up and running on time and on schedule, which is an accomplishment that required teamwork and expertise.”

“When it comes to energy efficiency, Accel understands the near-and long-term benefits, and the positive impact it will have on the company’s bottom line,” said Eversource Energy Efficiency spokesman Enoch Lenge. “Our longstanding working relationship with Accel allowed us to quickly make recommendations and provide energy-saving solutions, while their team remained focused on production and growing their business.”

“The Eversource team was able to answer our questions and provide recommendations and information that would fit our long-term needs,” added Garrick Phillips, Accel’s finance manager.