All Work is Local

Kew Gardens Interchange


Why M&J Engineering decided to expand to New England and why I decided to join them.

by Lynn DiGiovanni

I love what I do. I love engaging with people to learn about the challenges and opportunities that exist to make the world a better place. I love to be a catalyst for the solution. I am motivated by the idea that, in some small way, my work positively impacts the comfort, enjoyment, and safety of the lives of the people around me. Therefore, it is important for me to have confidence and trust in those responsible for carrying them through.

I don’t sell a product or service; I connect people with solutions.

My career included time as a municipal project consultant. It is through that work that I had the privilege of truly coming to understand how all the pieces of an infrastructure project fit together. I learned how important it was for a project to not only meet budget, schedule, and regulatory requirements, but for it to be consistent with contract plans and quality standards. This role also taught me how critically important it was for a project to be consistent with the needs and desires of its community. I came to understand how this work was a source of community pride, requiring the outcome to be attractive and enduring.

Alexander Hamilton Bridge

Motivated by my desire for professional growth and guided by my insight, I recently made the decision to join M&J Engineering, P.C. Like many, I dedicate a lot of time and energy to my work. To inspire the passion that drives me, my work must be fulfilling, and the environment dynamic and collaborative. After doing my due diligence, I found M&J to be an excellent fit.

M&J is a fast-growing consulting engineering firm that was born out of the drive and passion of its leader, Maqsood Malik, PE. Founded in 2004 in New York, M&J has grown into a dynamic multidisciplinary firm of over 300 professionals spanning seven states. It is my charge to help M&J continue to grow in Connecticut and throughout the New England region.

The Holland Tunnel. Long Island Railroad. Alexander Hamilton Bridge. Kew Gardens Interchange. As New Englanders, we are all familiar with these renowned infrastructure systems that lie just to the south. What do they all have in common? M&J. The M&J team was selected based on their qualifications and experience to provide construction engineering services for the rehabilitation of these critical transportation networks.

Admittedly, I was starstruck by the scale and complexity of these impressive projects. However, I also realized that M&J’s high-profile success could create a perceived disconnect that may impact its business pursuits in the nooks and crannies of New England. After all, the infrastructure improvements needed in most communities are not of such a grand scale.

However, I quickly came to realize that M&J appreciates the fact that all work is local, and interest in the successful outcome of a project is not proportionate to its scope and scale. To the advantage of its clients, M&J leverages the insight and expertise gained from these complex projects to bring efficiency and innovation to all that they do. M&J’s belief that client satisfaction is critically important to their overall success ensures the highest level of commitment to service, even on the smallest assignments.

To carry out its mission, M&J believes that its staff must be technically proficient and equally committed to delivering excellent, quality service. Therefore, its leaders take great care to engage team members that share M&J’s core values which are built upon communication, collaboration, and innovation.

Falling back on the belief that all work is local, M&J is making strategic hiring decisions to support its growth by deliberately recruiting respected experts who are intimately familiar with the people, places, and agencies critical to the successful outcome of their work. Rather than operate from afar, M&J chooses to integrate with the communities it serves. The firm maintains local offices with a nimble management structure and gives its leaders direct authority over the resources and decisions vital to providing customized, responsive service.

Why has M&J chosen to expand in New England? Company leaders recognize the abundance of talent in the local workforce, the passion with which New Englanders serve their communities, and the opportunities available to make impactful contributions to the built environment through innovative and state-of-the art-solutions.

As a native New Englander myself, I have enthusiastically signed on to the M&J team and eagerly look forward to contributing to our collective growth and prosperity.

Do you have infrastructure challenges or opportunities in your community that you’d like to resolve or advance? Simply reach out to me at [email protected] or (203) 680-0907 so we can explore the options together.

Lynn DiGiovanni

Lynn DiGiovanni is a business development professional in the AEC industry.