Corporate Women In Construction

Women’s Collaborative Fosters Inclusivity

Quincy, MA — New England construction management firm, Dellbrook|JKS, has launched the Dellbrook|JKS Women’s Collaborative (DWC), an employee resource group, ahead of Women in Construction Week.

The DWC was created to foster Dellbrook|JKS’ growing community of women and to cultivate a supportive, inclusive environment that encourages women to develop and advance their skills through engaging discussions, cross-industry collaborations, and mentorship.

The group’s first meeting took place on March 4 and examined the results of an internal survey that addressed the barriers women face in the workplace.

“As of 2018 the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) reported 9.9% of women make up the construction industry which is only a 3.5% increase over that last 10 years,” said Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Sheryce Hearns.

“At Dellbrook|JKS, 23% of the company is made up of women and that number is increasingly growing, so nurturing this community by creating the DWC is integral for our company and the industry.”

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