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Women-Owned Housing Firm Expands

Hannagh Jacobsen and Katie Provencher

Boston – HousingToHome (HTH), a newly-launched, women-owned housing and commercial relocation business, is growing rapidly, as more property owners, managers, and developers are pursuing renovation and rehabilitation of their public housing and affordable housing developments.

The business is working with 15 clients and has hired three new employees to help manage its portfolio. Adrian Tapia Gonzalez is HTH’s access manager in New York, Mia Sarkisian has been hired as access manager in Virginia, and Linda Patterson has joined as an access associate in Virginia.

“We’re pleased to welcome Adrian, Mia, and Linda to the HousingToHome team,” said Katie Provencher, HTH co-founder. “These individuals have a commitment to helping residents and creating an equitable environment. Their experience in community engagement that requires cultural sensitivity will be invaluable to us.”

Housing and commercial relocation is usually triggered when either public housing or affordable housing undergoes a rehabilitation or demolition process, which means renovation or upgrading of older housing stock. These efforts, which are required to follow federal, state, and local regulatory rules, often entail moving individuals and families to temporary or permanent housing. Many building owners or property managers turn to housing relocation professionals both to manage the logistics but also to ensure that residents, most of whom live in low-income households, are a part of the process.

“Housing professionals across the country recognize that they need a trusted resource to help them manage the housing relocation process as they upgrade their units,” said Provencher. “It’s especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic to have support to manage both the logistics and the well-being of residents. HousingToHome is pleased that we can provide both.”

“HousingToHome is working with clients all across the country, which speaks to the demand from housing professionals to have choices when it comes to housing relocation expertise,” said Hannagh Jacobsen, HTH co-founder. “Each property in each location has its own unique set of needs. HousingToHome works closely with our clients to develop and implement a plan that creates a safe, efficient housing relocation process that centers the residents and their concerns.”

HTH is also supporting the Nashua Housing and Redevelopment Authority (NHRA) effort to relocate 47 households during their redevelopment process.

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