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WIC Profile: Odeida Guzman

Odeida Guzman, Senior Accountant, Connolly Brothers

Odeida Guzman

Odeida Guzman is a senior accountant at Connolly Brothers, a Beverly, Mass.-based construction management firm serving private commercial, industrial, and institutional clients and operating throughout the New England region since 1880. In her role with Connolly, she provides general and cost accounting services, as well as accounts payable and accounts receivable services.

With more than 25 years’ experience, Odeida began working at Connolly Brothers in 2019 and says she enjoys providing the company with clear, accurate, and timely financials. With a keen eye for process efficiency and organized operations management, her accounting and organizational experience has been integral in helping Connolly Brothers succeed in collaborations with clients, employees, and subcontractors. Colleagues praise Odeida’s teamwork-based approach and she notes that positive feedback motivates her to do even better. She is particularly proud of her work in rising to the challenge of COVID-19 to keep all accounts running smoothly throughout the pandemic.

Odeida studied accounting at Dominican University O&M. Prior to joining Connolly, she worked for manufacturing, medical, retail, and technology companies. A lifelong learner, she was drawn to construction because it was one of few sectors within which she had not previously exercised her skills. At Connolly, she says she enjoys being empowered to implement her ideas, templates, and procedures.

Odeida says, “Women need to be in construction, and we need to change our minds as to who we view doing different jobs,” because “the more diverse voices you have discussing when and how to do things, the better it is for the organization.”