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WIC Profile: Christy Conley

Christy Conley, Assistant Project Manager, BW Kennedy & Co.

Christy Conley

An assistant project manager at BW Kennedy & Co., Christy Conley has been working in the construction management field since graduating from Lehigh University in 2019. She received a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering but realized early on that she was not interested in pursuing a desk job. The initial concept that interested her about engineering was the tangible quality of it and she wanted that real-world application to apply to her career as well. The day-to-day variability of working on a construction site has increasingly made Christy more confident in her decision to pursue construction management.

Starting out in the business, Christy was empowered by seeing other women in leading construction roles. In her experience, the women she has worked with have been eager to give advice and lend a helping hand when needed.

Christy is serving as an assistant project manager for a 147,000sf core and shell life science building at 580 Pleasant St. in Watertown for Griffith Properties. As an integral member of the team, she helps to manage all subcontractors on site and ensures that the field team has everything in place to succeed with their work.

When asked about good leadership advice she has received, Christy said, “A manager from a previous company told me that everyone on site has something to teach you. No one individual is going to have all the answers so it is worth spending the time to find the right people to talk to and really listen to their ideas.”