Education Restoration/Renovation

Walsh Brothers to Renovate University Arena

Fitchburg, MA – The Massachusetts State College Building Authority (MSCBA)  selected Walsh Brothers, Incorporated to provide preconstruction and construction management services for the renovation of Fitchburg State University’s (FSU) Carmelita Landry Arena at the Wallace Civic Center in Fitchburg.

Construction is underway and expected to be complete by January 2018.

This revitalization project will create a renovated athletic building that will be the public face for varsity sports at FSU and will include a field house with multipurpose turf sports flooring, strength and conditioning center, batting cages, integrated audio-visual systems, locker rooms, and design and branding around the university’s and teams’ logos.

Walsh Brothers teamed with MDS/Miller Dyer Spears architects to provide the input and analysis to assist MSCBA and FSU decision makers in reaching cost-effective decisions on program priorities, space use, allocation, responsive design solutions, targeted renovation investment, and maximum impact for their project outlays, through a process of evaluating design options.

The firm  also will provide preconstruction analysis and construction phase follow-through on issues such as existing building systems constraints, infrastructure improvements, constructability, access, and site management.


“Our investment in this comprehensive transformation to the Landry Arena will not only play an important role in the University’s student athlete recruiting process, but it will benefit campus life for all students. The building will have a multi-purpose use and will also be utilized 12 months a year by the Fitchburg community including a new office suite for the Fitchburg Parks & Recreation Department,” said Jay Bry, Vice President of Finance and Administration, FSU.

“Listening carefully to the needs of FSU and its end users helps our firm ensure a successful building effort. Differences in the needs of varsity coaches, sports medicine professionals and town soccer programs, for example, are significant. If everyone has what they need, the building will eventually engage the entire campus and community,” said Richard Walsh, President and Chief Executive Officer of Walsh Brothers.