TripAdvisor Unveils New HQ

Robert Benson Photography

Robert Benson Photography

Designed by Baker Design Group

Needham, MA – Baker Design Group, Inc., has completed the design of TripAdvisor’s new 282,000sf headquarters located at 400 First Avenue in Needham.

Baker Design Group’s inspiration for this suburban headquarters was an urban loft with thoughtful design details reflecting TripAdvisor’s brand, from incorporating images of user-generated travel photos into the end-panels in work stations to naming each floor after a different continent, which then inspires the art and artifacts found on that floor, to designing a reception area with suitcases and a map graphic wall with a thousand images curated by the firm from all over the world.

A textural, layered experience was delivered that makes each person entering the building feel like they have a global connection. The design also provides many different places for employees to work — at a table with others, standing up, or lounging in front of a fireplace, the kitchen, pub, or game room are all third places employees can use to support multiple work styles.

The TripAdvisor Forum, a four-story atrium/theater, is at the center of the building designed to serve as the heart of their new home, utilized daily as a vertical collection of open meeting and collaboration spaces. The Forum can accommodate seating for 1,100 and supports worldwide company meetings streamed to other TripAdvisor global offices. Other features include a three-story vertical garden, a partly cloudy sky, a grand stair and seating area inspired by the Spanish Steps of Rome, and a four-sided fireplace.

The Forum is equipped with a central video projection screen measuring 25 ft. wide and 15 ft. tall along with smaller video displays distributed throughout the space. Advanced audio-visual and sound systems, theater lighting and acoustic treatments, and video capture capabilities complete this-high performance venue.

Scrum areas supported with technology and whiteboard are infused throughout each floor to support teams in those areas.

A large conference space can be subdivided into three rooms; when open, it hosts employee “Hackathons” or “Tech Reviews” of their programs, promoting innovation and teamwork among TripAdvisor employees.


“Our goal was to create an office that was authentic, not synthetic,” said Stephen Baker, founder and president of Baker Design Group. “We also aspired to create a space that gives employees of every age and working style options to move around ‘the house’ so that they are comfortable, motivated, and feel part of the culture.”

“Two years ago, a new headquarters was just a vision, but through Stephen Baker’s creativity and teamwork something magical resulted.” said Julie Bradley, CFO of TripAdvisor. “TripAdvisor has solidified its culture.  We now have the opportunity to collaborate across teams in a space that expresses the cultural nuances and global connection that TripAdvisor stands for.”