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Needham Sheraton Renovation Complete

Needham, MA – Reimagined by Group One Partners and renovated by Haynes Group, Inc., the Sheraton Hotel located at 100 Cabot Street in Needham is now open.

This was a 245 guest room renovation project is located on the outskirts of Boston. Because the hotel was occupied during construction, it was renovated using a multi-phased approach to mitigate risk and inconvenience to visitors. From the start of this project, it was set up to be a fast-track schedule with multiple projects happening simultaneously.

“Procurement delays were the biggest challenge we faced,” Andrew Manning, site superintendent at Haynes Group, Inc. said. “We did everything we could to open the rooms as quickly as possible. We renovated by floor, as a floor finished the hotel could start renting the rooms to guests.” As renovations wrapped the hotel was able to begin renting them to eager patrons. Haynes Group successfully completed renovations on the scheduled date.

This will be the third hotel collaboration between Haynes Group and Group One Partners, who share the desire to enhance the lives of people and the communities they live and work in.