Lockheed Window Corp. Announces Slocomb Windows and Doors, Inc. to Take Over Ownership of Residential Operations, Allowing Lockheed to Expand Their Commercial Division

Michael S. Kosiver

Pascoag, RI – Lockheed Window Corp. recently announced the transfer of ownership of its residential division to Slocomb Windows and Doors, Inc. in order to better serve its residential window customers and partners. This transition will provide Lockheed’s existing residential customers with more support while also allowing Lockheed to meet the growing demand and opportunity from the commercial construction and renovation sector.

President and owner, Michael S. Kosiver, explains, “Over the years, we have seen the amount of opportunity and demand in the commercial construction sector grow exponentially. This transition with Slocomb Windows and Doors, Inc. will allow us to focus on our commercial operations and provide our customers and partners heightened levels of support, attention, and expertise to their ongoing and future projects. Slocomb has been in the window and door industry for over 55 years, making the transition as easy as possible for our residential division customers and partners. This change in focus will also allow us to focus on entering new markets and offering improved and increased in-house fabrication of various panel systems, unitized curtainwall systems, and computerized CNC machining.”

The decision for Lockheed Window Corp. to end residential operations was driven by the amount of untapped opportunity in the commercial sector, coupled with a commitment to better serve its growing network of commercial-division customers and partners.

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